I am not *that* Victoria Jackson.

I am a sports historian.  I use sport as a means to gain new insight into the past, and operate at the intersection of sport and society.  I speak and write about ideas about sporting bodies, and how these ideas reflect and influence the broader society in which they exist, in a particular time and place.  I study how they hold power, and how they change — and, more often, remain — over time.  I make sense of how ideas become embedded in the institutions of a society, and search to uncover the builders, intentional or not, of structural inequality.  This is what I mean when I say I am a sports historian.  If you asked me how many home runs Hank Greenberg hit in 1938, I would not know, but would look it up for you.  (The answer is 58.)  Then we would talk about antisemitism and racism in Detroit in the 1930s.

I study the history of sport in U.S. higher education.  I see  “amateur” college sports as a system in which disproportionately black athlete labor subsidizes white athlete privilege.  I refuse to accept as “normal” that a billion-dollar, commercialized, amateur sports industry operates in the space of higher education.

As a former collegiate and professional track and field athlete, I have lived this history, and my approach to understanding big-time college sports is informed by intimate knowledge of the enterprise.

I am not a hater.  I love sports… that is, except American football.

twitter: @HistoryRunner



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